Buy and sell used cars in the UAE

Buy and sell used cars in the UAE (the world's largest market):

Car Shop Dubai is the most guaranteed online car marketplace, through which you can buy and sell used cars in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi... etc) and also new with ease and in very simple ways.

One of the features of the Car Shop Dubai website is to advertise for free on the pages of the site and allow anyone who wants to sell his car for free on our site "Car Shop Dubai" and thus can sell and even buy the car that he likes without intermediaries or any commission and through these ads the owner of the advertisement can access the foreign car markets and to people who are looking to buy used cars in the UAE without any broker or dealer or worry about any commission and at an imaginary speed that may exceed Expectations.


You can also rent the car you want or offer it for rent also through free ads provided by our website Car Shop Dubai.

Buy and sale your car in UAE

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Wondering if CarShop Dubai has cars with international brands? 

Certainly, Car Shop Dubai represents a comprehensive market for all types of cars with various models and international brands to suit all tastes and requirements such as:

Toita, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Nissan, Jeep Wrangler and many others you find only at the largest car market "Car Shop Dubai" and also there are many other cars that suit your budget, just select the budget of the car you want and browse for free on our site and if you want to sell your used car as well just select the price you want to get and advertise on our site for free.

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How do I sell my used car online?

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There are thousands of used cars in the UAE that you can browse on CarShop Dubai from the comfort of your place.

The site enables you to sell your old car in record time without any intermediaries, and buy the car you want, whether used or new for a period not exceeding 20 minutes.

Used car market place in dubai

Companies to buy and sell cars/vehicles/engines/or anything related to cars such as buses or trucks

Some of the cars on Car Shop Dubai include:

Used Toyota Car

Nissan Altima, one of the most popular car models in the UAE

Honda Cars

Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz Cars

Audi odyssey Cars

Used Kia Fords Cars Kia

Jeep Wrangler 2018 jeep

Toyota Cars

Lexus Cars

Luxury Cars 2020

Wrangler Rover Cars

Used car market place in dubai

To buy and sell used cars in the UAE, and certainly every car has its own value and market price

Don't hesitate, if you want to sell your car and buy what's newer you only have the biggest car market in front of you CarShop Dubai we have everything needed to make the process of selling your car easy on our platform quickly


Car Shop Dubai has a variety of cars for all users seeking to buy used cars in the UAE. We have a large number of cars available at a time, and we can number any car company and car dealers in the UAE. If you are looking to buy used cars, we are a one-stop shop for all your used car buying needs to post free car ads to sell your cars to private buyers.


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Competing international brands you can find on the CarShop Dubai website for the sale and purchase of used and new cars in the UAE Mittal: 

Toyota ,Audi, BMW , Honda , Nissan , Jeep ,Suzuki , Ford etc

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