How do I sell my used car online in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, you can easily sell your car online instead of going down to the forestry of used cars yourself and putting them up for sale. The e-car business has been booming in previous years and has gained a boost recently. Car Shop Dubai provides a car sale and purchase service in the UAE and in all Arab countries so that you can place an ad to sell your car offer on this site for free to be seen by CarShopDubai.COM audiences in your country and anywhere in the Arab world.

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If you are considering selling your car on the Car Shop Dubai website. Com Here are the steps

First step:

Go to the CarShopDubai.COM site and then hit the sign up button at the top of the screen on the right and create a new account in your name, and you will get a message to your email for confirmation.

If you would like to download the Car Shop Dubai app:

Car Shop Dubai website link on Google:

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The link to Apple's Car Shop Dubai website is:

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Download the app now, enjoy a special experience through our site, do not wait to offer your used car for sale as soon as possible.



Step 2:

Go back to the site and log in with your name or email and password of your choice, then you will find at the top of the list an icon + under the words place your ads

خطوات بيع سيارتك على موقع كار شوب دبي


Step 3:

When you click on place your ads you will open a page with the name "New Ad", upload photos of your car and fill in the required data on the vehicle, such as the type of your used car, the date of manufacture, as well as the color of the car, the type of care (atomatic, normal), the distance travelled by the car and other data that the buyer must be aware of.

خطوات بيع سيارتك المستعملة على موقع كار شوب دبي

Step 4:

At the end, click on the "Post Advertising" button. Your ad will be activated and viewed by all visitors to the site and you will, God willing, get the opportunity to sell and reimburse your car in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Simple steps and you will find the result you want


It's not over yet, dear reader! website will help you improve your chances of selling the car you want by guiding you with some tips on the most important secrets of success in selling cars online:


1. Select Car Price

Car prices vary from region to region and place to place so you should rate your car well and know its value in the market and then we advise you to place an attractive price But the price of your car should be slightly higher than that of the cars, For example, if your car is priced at 9 thousand dirhams, we suggest you order 10 thousand, leaving room to negotiate the price.

2. Shoot the car well website offers you the possibility to upload a number of photos of your car But make sure the photos are good and their accuracy is high to make your car stand out from other cars, To do this, find a good location for photography that provides enough light And you should also take pictures of the car from different parts, Front, back and sides with some photos of the interior that show the aesthetic of your car as well as your credibility.


When uploading images on the site, the site provides you with several boxes called details that you can fill in without description so that you can explain the vehicle's type, model, category, color, number of doors, payment system and Nogg Qir, It is therefore preferable to use this box to determine what information the buyer cares about, which can help sell your used car rather than duplicate the same information.


3. After details you will find a box under the name description

Here you can add any secondary information you wish or any problem you think you should pose. Do not neglect this slot. It is a task to exploit it in your favor and to speed up the sale of your used car.

خطوات بيع سيارتك المستعملة على موقع كار شوب دبي


4. Do not forget to mention your site. It is important for the buyer to know where your site is and is it appropriate for him to buy from you




5. Clean and prepare the car

After someone sees photos of your car on the site and asks for an appointment to watch the car up close The car has to be in excellent condition, of course we don't mean to fix every little scratch in the chassis. But when the buyer comes to see the car, you want the car to impress, To get there, you must wash the car thoroughly, and you must also clean it from the inside with a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you pay attention to all details such as air conditioning slots, door handles from inside and other things.

The most important thing is to check your car periodically even if you didn't want to sell it. Periodic inspection of the car avoids you a lot of problems and keeps your car new and desirable to buy.



This is a set of tips we offer you from website to make the best use of joining and announcing our site.

Also, don't forget that our site allows you to buy used cars. If you want to sell your used car to buy the latest, you will also find your order at our site save yourself the trouble of arguments and discussions and place an advertisement for your car on our site and wait in your home buyer

At the end of this article we wish you well and the sale of your used car online is successful!


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