How to sell your car in UAE at the best price?!

To sell your car in the UAE at the best price:

The UAE Used Car Market, especially Dubai Market, is one of the largest automotive markets in the Arab world as a whole.

Each of us when selling his car is expected to get the best price as soon as possible. To achieve this, there are things that need to be clear to you and to those who want to buy a used car. These simple things make it easier for you to sell or buy your car.


It depends on the condition and model of the used car on sale so we will help you with some tips that allow you to get the best price for your used car and sell it as quickly as possible.

First, you need to prepare your used car for sale, through some simple and very important steps at the same time that enable you to get the best price for your used car.

These include improving the vehicle's external and internal condition by:

•           Inspection and change of damaged and lost parts, from buttons, engine room covers, battery, glass scanner, etc.

•           Oil inspection and cooling device water level preferably custom coolant not normal water,

•           Check the lamps and others are your car interface.


Steps to sell your used car at the best price:

The steps are simple and easy to follow with us


I. Clean your car engine:

One of the main preparations for the sale is to clean the engine of the car, because the buyer always gets his eyes on the engine inspection and of course the external hygiene of the car increases its price.


Care for the paint of the used vehicle:

You can treat scratches and lines with car paint if you find it by using pens for tackling scratches. It is also recommended to paint used car with wax is also an important step in the way of getting the best price for used car.


It brings back the shine and chic of your used car and shows it a new look by attracting the buyer, and don't forget to polish the tyres. It's another attraction that shows how much you care about the car and may save you from buying new tyres.


Set your car price clearly:

How can you determine the right price for your used car?!

Learn about market prices at the time you think about selling your car so you can determine the right price so you can get the best price for a used car.


Announce the sale of your car without intermediaries:

It is preferable to stay away from brokers and used car vending fairs, and it is preferable to sell your used car yourself directly to the buyer. This gives you a better chance to get the best price for your used car.

How do I sell my used car without brokers?!

It is very easy to advertise through websites specializing in the sale and purchase of used cars in the UAE. One of the most important is Car Shop Dubai, it is easy, fast and cheap way to sell your used car and get the best price. Browse thousands of used cars in the best car place in the UAE quickly and easily with Car Shop Dubai website many car brands for sale such as Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Nissan and many more.

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Used car market place in UAE

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V. Choose the right time to sell your used car.


Regular maintenance of the car from the beginning.

Periodic maintenance of your car saves you from trouble and keeps your car new and desirable for sale


VII. Be honest about detecting vehicle defects that buyers cannot see.


Eighth - If you can get the right price for a used car, feel free to sell it while waiting for the best that may not come. Don't miss the opportunity.

Ninth, don't show how much you want or force a buyer to sell your used car, it leaves them in suspicion that makes them alienate and hesitate to buy

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